Yours most respectfully,

That's a great experience. I never talked to a man before (except entirely did!

to live up to Julia and her furniture! I wish that she had been offered refreshments. They accepted politely but dubiously.

Yours--in evident haste In the of-fice,

He and I eat at a little table set on the side porch, or sometimes

And he knew all the time that I was with the McBrides, for Julia

under the letter that stood for their names, so that they could be

We use a quiet corner of the cliffs for a schoolroom--Mrs. Paterson wishes

me in the cab, he told me that for three days they gave you up.

do you wish to turn me into a Plutocrat?

Mrs. McBride! If I ever marry and have a family, I'm going to make them

spring and the reappearance of toads always awakens the old