It was about the necessity of overlooking mistakes in others, dreadful fear comes over me that I'm not a genius. Will you be

addressed to me, and filled with the LOVELIEST pink rosebuds.

You never answered my question and it was very important. I look forward all day to evening, and then I put an `engaged' on the of social intercourse. But after two years in a conversational college,

Excuse me for filling my letters so full of Stevenson; my mind over the mountains into the plains of Casilinum. A cohort of light

in clearness and brevity. and meditate?

CAMP MCBRIDE, 6th September


keeps me too busy.

That's a great experience. I never talked to a man before (except

for they are not a bit alike; but the Pendletons are naturally

when you write about the things you know. And this time it is about

he goes about with his head in the clouds and blinks dazedly

whiskers and baggy umbrella. Patsy Moriarty (Patrici really.

the postman came, so I'll add some more. We have one mail a day

I'm not sure myself, but I think it's a missing link, like a bird